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11 Route Map

An NIU One Card or $1 fare is required to ride this route.
Weekends and break service:The weekend and break service circle right will begin at 7:00 a.m. It will make its last run starting at 6:00 p.m. and finish at 7:00 p.m.

The Weekend and Break Service Route 11 departs from the west side of the Student Center and makes a 60 minute trip leaving on the hour. This route will service the campus, the area south of Lincoln Hwy, and the area north of campus. DuSable and Barsema Hall will only be serviced when there are classes in session.
  • Walgreens
  • Schnuck's
  • CVS Pharmancy
  • Varsity Blvd.
  • Twombly Road
  • Ridge Drive

1 Student Center (wast Side) :00
2 Lucinda Ave. at Health Services
3 Barsema Hall :05
4 Gilbert Dr. at Art Building
5 College Ave. at Still Hall
6 Castle Dr. at Montgomery Hall
7 Lincoln Hwy. at Pearl St.
8 1st St. at Walgreens
9 1st St. at Roosevelt St.
10 Taylor St. at 1st St.
11 Taylor St. at Glidden Ave.
12 Taylor St. at Ashbury Court Apt.
13 Schnuck's :17
14 Annie Glidden Rd. at CVS Pharmacy
15 Lincoln Hwy. at Popeye's Chicken
16 Lincoln Hwy. at Stadium View Apt.
17 Lincoln Hwy. at Gideon Court Apt.
18 Lincoln Hwy. at Human Resources :22
19 Northern View Circle
20 Convocation Center (Parking Lot C3)
21 Convocation Center (Entrance #5)
22 Stadium Dr. at Stevenson South
23 Stevenson North
24 Grant North
25 New Hall
26 Stadium Dr. East at Lucinda Ave.
27 Lincoln Hall
28 Annie Glidden Rd. at Crane Dr.
29 Varsity Blvd. at Pappas Ct. :33
30 Varsity Blvd. at University Heights Apt.
31 Varist Blvd. at Regent Dr.
32 Regent Dr. and Hillcrest Dr.
33 Hillcrest Dr. at Spiros Ct.
34 Hillcrest Dr. at Pappas Ct.
35 Annie Glidden Rd. at Hillcrest Dr.
36 Annie Glidden Rd. at Suburban Apt. (South)
37 Annie Glidden Rd. at Suburbn Apt. (North)
38 Twombly Rd. at Eden's Garden
39 Twombly Rd. at Suburban Estates (1st Shelter)
40 Twombly Rd. at Suburban Estates (2nd Shelter) :40
41 Twombly Rd. at Suburban Estates 3rd Shelter)
42 Twombly Rd. at Annie Glidden Rd.
43 Annie Glidden Rd. at Suburban Apt. (Bus Shelter)
44 Blackhawk Rd. at Kimberly Dr.
45 Blackhawk Rd. at Edgebrook Dr.
46 Blackhawk Rd. at Ridge Dr.
47 Ridge Dr. at Amber Manor Apt.
48 Ridge Dr. at Normal Rd.
49 Normal Rd. at Kimbery Dr. :45
50 Normal Rd. at Hillcrest Dr.
51 Normal Rd. at Greenbrier Rd.
52 Normal Rd. at Northern Ln.
53 Normal Rd. at Lucinda Ave.
54 Dusable Hall
55 Student Center (West) :55